This list provides information on products that support FIR filters, the software used to load the filters and the required FIR Creator or FIR Designer export file format.

The list is not exhaustive and may have inaccuracies. Please contact us if you have products or more detailed information to add to this list.

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FIR Designer target file

Load in FIR Creator and FIR Designer on the Target tab

FIR Creator and FIR Designer can be used in “Direct Design” mode to create a filter with almost any desired magnitude and phase response. This response can then be used as the target response, when designing a FIR filter for a loudspeaker.

From “Direct Design” mode, export the response as a “FIR Designer target file” (.FDT). In the regular mode (i.e. “Direct Design” unchecked), on the Target tab select “File” or “Design + File” and load the FDT file under “Target File” using the “Load” button.

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Text file (Column, decimal)

Load using Intelli-Ware

Intelli series processors.

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CSV file (row)

Tesira processors

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CSV file (Row)

Load using HiQnet Audio Architect or HiQnet London Architect

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GKF file (EV, Dynacord)

Load using IRIS-Net

FIR Designer currently restricts the FIR filter length, for GKF files, to 513 taps to match the IRIS-Net maximum supported FIR filter length. The file format, however, allows for any length filter and FIR Designer may allow other lengths in the future.

FIR Designer 2 only

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We have received many questions about support for Lake processors. We are slowly working on a solution for loading FIR filters into the Lake FIR 3-way module, but have no idea when we will have something ready.

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SFI file (Linea Research)

Load using System Engineer

FIR Designer 2 only

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Binary file (32 bit, float)

Load using the MiniDSP Plugin specific to each product

Products that support FIR processing include:

OpenDRC series
miniSHARC kit
2×4 HD

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Text file (Powersoft Armonia)

Load using Armonia Pro Audio Suite

FIR processing is available on almost all amplifiers. (Usually 384 taps @ 48 kHz on outputs.)

FIR processing is also available in some OEM amplifier and plate amplifier solutions.

FIR Designer 2 only

Text file (column, decimal)

Load using Composer

Composer requires a column of text with a CSV file extension. Rename the extension from TXT to CSV.