Exporting Custom Filters & Presets

All Eclipse Audio software tools allow custom data (IIR+FIR information &/or complete loudspeaker presets) to be exported in a variety of formats so it can be loaded into any DSP product with user-accessible settings.

While IIR filters and other settings are accessible in most processors, some brands don’t use FIR filters, or have ‘unadjustable’ built-in FIR settings and prevent users from loading custom FIR filters. This page outlines file export formats & loading instructions for brands that DO allow users to load FIR filters. (i.e. ‘FIR-Capable’ products.)

Loudspeaker Processing Interchange Format (LPIF)

(FIR-capable) Pro Audio Products & OEM DSPs

Software: SigmaStudio

Processor: SigmaDSP (& SHARC when SigmaStudio for SHARC extension installed)

Export file formats: TXT, CSV

Software: Intelli-Ware

Processors: Apex Intelli series

Export file format: “Text file (Column, decimal)”

Software: Tesira

Export file format: “CSV file (row, decimal)”

Crown logo
Software: HiQnet Audio Architect

Devices: Soundweb London, Crown Amplifiers

Export file format: “CSV file (column, decimal)”

DFM Logo
Software: DFM NetControl

  • “FIT file (DFM, text)”
  • “F32 file (DFM 32 bit, float)”
  • “FIR file (DFM 64 bit, float)”
LPIF: FIR only

DSP concepts logo
Software: Audio Weaver Designer

Use on any brand processor with an active AWE Core license

Export file format: “CSV file (column, decimal)”

Software: IRIS-Net

Export file format: “GFK file (EV, Dynacord)”

Software: IPX Controller

Export file format: use Direct-To-Processor* functionality

Lake logo
Software: Lake Controller

Requires the Lake FIR 3-way V2 module + FIR Designer Lake Controller plugin

Export file format: use Direct-To-Processor* functionality

Linea Research logo
Software: System Engineer

Export file format: “SFI file (Linea Research)”

Marani is supported by FIR Designer

For full presets: In FIR Designer M, use Direct-To-Processor* functionality.

For individual FIR filters: Software is specific to each product (see Marani website)

Export file format: “TXT file (column, decimal)” and CSV file (column, decimal)”

OpenDRC series, miniSHARK kit, 2×4 HD PWR-ICE 125 & PWR-ICE 250

Export file format: “BIN file, 32 bit float”

Load using the MiniDSP plugin specific to each product

Software: Powersoft Armonia

Amplifiers: X, Ottocanali, Quatrrocanali, DueCanali

Export file format: “Text file (Powersoft Armonia)” OR use Direct-To-Processor* functionality

QSC logo
Software: QSC Q-Sys Designer

Export file formats (for FIR filters): CSV or WAV

Load CSV, WAV files into the FIR Custom Filter block in Q-Sys Designer.

Use the IIR Custom Filter block in QSC Q-Sys to load IIR filter coefficients generated and saved from FIR Designer’s IIR tab.

Rane commercial logo
Software: Halogen

Processor: RANE Hal3S

Export file formats: CSV or TXT

Software: Composer

Export file formats: “CSV file (column, decimal)”

xta logo
Software: Library Manager

Export file formats: “CSV file (column, decimal)”

Loading Instructions for 4-series processors

Contact XTA for FIR loading instructions for other XTA amplifiers & processors

Software: Xilica Designer

Export file formats: “CSV file (column, decimal)” or “CSV file (row, decimal)”

*Direct-To-Processor functionality is available in FIR Designer M, FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX

(FIR-capable) Media Managers, Players and Plugins:​

Export file formats: “WAV file”.

A single-channel FIR filter file can be used across all output channels). Its not necessary to create a multi-channel WAV filter file.

Export file formats: “WAV file”.

Export file formats: “WAV file”.

HQPlayer ConsumerHQPlayer Professional

Load WAV filter files in the Matrix menu under Convolution Setup

Know another product that allows users to load FIR filters? Please tell us.

Not sure which software to choose? See our Filter Software Comparison Table.