Learn about FIR filtering & how to use Eclipse Audio software products for filter design, loudspeaker preset creation & measurement averaging.


  Understanding Audio FIR Filtering

A comprehensive guide to fundamental FIR filter concepts & applications in loudspeakers.

  Room Tuning with IIR Filters

This case study demonstrates step-by-step how FIR Designer can be used to tune a system using only IIRs.

  Loudspeaker Matching with FIR Filters

This step-by-step guide explains how to use FIR Designer to match the magnitude & phase responses of different makes & models of loudspeakers in a single installation.

  The ‘Moving Mic Measurement Method’

This post explains how to use FIR Designer’s integrated SMAART® Control to take a spatially averaged measurement with a single microphone, rather than averaging the response of multiple microphones at fixed positions.

  Designing FIR Filters with Crossovers for a 2-way loudspeaker (using FIR Designer 1)*

The resulting FIR filters in this tutorial include the crossover responses and linearise the loudspeaker phase everywhere except at the loudspeaker’s low frequency roll-off. Sample measurements provided are taken from a 5″ coaxial loudspeaker. READ MORE

  FIR Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization (using FIR Designer 1)*

This tutorial describes how to adjust the magnitude & phase of a full range loudspeaker, using a FIR filter. Sample measurements provided are taken from a 12″ + horn install loudspeaker. READ MORE

  Loading FIR filters into specific brand products

See a list of FIR-capable products (amplifiers, processors, media managers, players & plugins) including file formats and specific loading instructions.

FIR DESIGNER 3 | Overview
FIR DESIGNER M version 2.0 Release | Overview of New Features
New in FIR Designer M 1.4 & FIR Designer 2.12


FIR DESIGNER M | IIR Reference Editor
New in FIR Designer M 1.3 & FIR Designer 2.11


FIR DESIGNER | Rewindowing
FIR DESIGNER M (Multi-way) | Overview


AVERAGER 1.0 | Stand-Alone Loudspeaker Measurement Averaging Software Tutorial
FIR DESIGNER 2.3 | Direct-To-Processor Function (LAKE example) | Short Tutorial
FIR DESIGNER 2.3 | Direct-To-Processor Function (LAKE example) | Extended Tutorial
Includes creation of four separate projects for the input and each output channel (Input IIRs, LF, MF, HF)
FIR DESIGNER 2.3 | Side-Loading in Direct-To-Processor Function (LAKE example)
FIR DESIGNER 2.2 | Gain/Polarity/Delay Functions + Summary Output File


FIR DESIGNER | Measurement Averaging


FIR DESIGNER | Second View


USER VIDEO | Using FIR DESIGNER 2 with the Linea Research ASC48 & Powersoft X8+Dante
This video from Timo Beckman uses FIR Designer 2 to compare integration of FIR filtering on two different systems. Read his original blog post here.

*A FIR filter design tutorial referring to FIR Designer 1 is helpful for understanding the functionality & workflow of newer software versions (even though FIR Designer 1 has been superseded).