FIR Capable Products: Direct to Processor (DTP)

FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX can export data (including FIR + IIR filters, Gain, Polarity & Delay) in a variety of formats for loading into most FIR-capable products. For selected amplifiers & loudspeaker processors – currently Lake & Powersoft – data can be directly transferred via ‘direct-to-processor’ functionality.

Pre-existing FIR filters (from sources other than FIR Designer/Creator EX) can also be side-loaded into FIR Designer/Creator EX (with resampling, if required) & then pushed to the compatible amplifier or speaker processor, along with FIR Designer/Creator EX’s IIRs, gain, delay and polarity settings.

The DTP process varies between brands (as it has to be customised for different brands and models of processors) & is available in both FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX (FIR Creator does not offer DTP).

Lake logo

LAKE PLM, PLM+ & D series amplifiers

Push a complete DSP preset directly from FIR Designer via DTP to the LAKE FIR 3-way V2 module, which has 384 FIR taps on each output.

DTP works locally and over a network (both fixed and WiFi) with a new FIR Designer LAKE Controller plugin (supplied in a ZIP file at purchase and in the FIR Designer Windows installer). Data transfer takes only a few clicks. Use FIR Designer’s multi-window functionality to open/view one project for the input biquads and up to three projects – one for each output channel – then in the DTP Lake dialog, select each project window in turn and push the settings to the Lake Controller.

More details on the LAKE FIR 3-way module:

  • FIR: 384 taps per output with an effective tap length of 8ms @ 48 kHz, 16ms @ 24 kHz and 32ms @ 12 kHz.
  • IIR: A total of 37 biquads (IIR), assignable across the input and outputs.
  • Channel samples rate combinations: 48/24/12 kHz or any combination of 24 kHz and/or 12 kHz.
  • If less than 3 outputs are required, simply mute unused outputs.
  • The module can only load on PLM, PLM+ and D series amplifiers. The module will not load on LM series processors.
  • The IIR and FIR settings are not visible in the Lake Controller. Settings can be verified by measuring the amplifier’s outputs, preferably into a dummy load.

Powersoft Audio Logo

X, Ottocanali, Quattrocanali & DueCanali series amplifiers

Use the DTP dialog to create a XML file for “Speaker EQ” or “Output EQ” on Powersoft amplifiers, containing IIRs, gain, polarity, delay and up to 2048 FIR taps @ 48 kHz. Currently, data transfer involves manually exporting the XML file and loading into Armonia. If only the FIR filter is required, on the FIR Designer “Export” tab, save a FIR filter as “Text file (Powersoft Armonia)” for subsequent loading into Armonia.

Screenshot of FIR Creator EX dialog boxes for Lake & Powersoft