Direct to Processor (DTP)

FIR Designer M, FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX can export data (including FIR + IIR filters, Gain, Polarity & Delay) in a variety of formats for loading into most FIR-capable products. For selected amplifiers & loudspeaker processors – currently Lake, Powersoft & Marani – data can be directly transferred via ‘direct-to-processor’ functionality.

Pre-existing FIR filters (from sources other than FIR Designer/Creator EX) can also be side-loaded into FIR Designer/Creator EX (with resampling, if required) & then pushed to the compatible amplifier or speaker processor, along with FIR Designer/Creator EX’s IIRs, gain, delay and polarity settings.

The DTP process varies between brands (as it has to be customised for different brands and models of processors):


*Marani integration currently available in FIR Designer M only, without side-loading.

Providers of DSP-enabled audio devices (e.g. processors, amps, & related control software) are welcome to supply Eclipse Audio with the necessary information for inclusion in our software tools.