Loading FIR filters into Linea Research amplifiers and processors

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This page describes how to load FIR filters from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer and FIR Creator EX into Linea Research amplifiers and processors.

In the Export tab, select the format “SFI file (Linea Research)” and press Save FIR.

Download and install System Engineer here.

  • Run System Engineer.
  • In the device menu, click add device panel. Select a processor or amplifier from the drop-down and click add.

  • On the device view, click EQ.

  • .. then choose one of the output channels by clicking on one of the numbers.

  • Under FIR, click open and select a FIR filter SFI file.

  • On the bottom right hand corner of the Windows desktop, a message dialog will appear.

  • To enable the FIR filter, click the enable button to on.

Note: SFI files include the filter delay setting from FIR Designer and this is used by the device to compensate (across all channels) for FIR filter latency. Other file formats may not include this and so FIR latency compensation must be done manually by adding (or subtracting) delay from the output channel delay settings in the gain delay device tab.

FIR Designer M already compensates for FIR filter delay within the loudspeaker preset workflow and combines necessary alignment delay with each of the channel delays. If using FIR Designer M and FIR filter SFI files, use the GPD Tab Delay numbers from the FIR Designer M system export tab, and not the Total Processor Delay numbers.