Automated AES75 Loudspeaker Measurement

Determine Maximum Linear Sound Levels

SpeakerMeasure with AES75 is a specialized loudspeaker measurement tool that applies the AES75-2022 standard for acoustics, which is a test procedure for measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels, using the Music Noise test signal.

SpeakerMeasure automates most of the AES75 test procedure, including the stop conditions for both transfer function change and coherence drop (which are difficult to judge by eye when watching a real-time measurement system).

By automating difficult procedural steps, SpeakerMeasure enables measurements that are both repeatable and objective.

The software is completely free to use.

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Software Interface

Both macOS & Windows versions are available.

SpeakerMeasure uses continuous transfer function (TF) and coherence measurements.

Common controls (like FFT size and overlap percentage) are provided, and the TF is not conditioned by the coherence. The FFT’s use a regular Hann (or Hanning) function window (and not the frequency-varying time windows found in commercial, live TF analysers).

Although TF phase is not displayed, compensation delay is calculated and applied automatically, whenever audio playback is started.

Test Setup

Active & passive loudspeaker equipment setups required for the AES75 test procedure.

Diagram of active loudspeaker setup for SpeakerMeasure testing

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