FIR Creator

FIR Creator is an application for creating finite impulse response (FIR) filters for loudspeakers.
The filters can be loaded into many FIR capable speaker processors or amplifiers.

Create loudspeaker tunings/presets with specific magnitude and phase characteristics.

Match different makes and models of loudspeakers in install systems.

Perform system/room correction.


  • Intuitive, fast workflow from impulse response import through to FIR filter export
  • Continuous filter calculation and error display as parameters are updated
  • Two workflows
    • FIR filter design from a loudspeaker measurement
    • Direct FIR design, without a measurement
  • FIR only or mixed IIR & FIR design
  • FIR Filter sample rates: 44.1 and 48 kHz
  • IIR filters (up to 8)
    • Bandpass, low and high shelf
    • Low-pass and high-pass Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, Elliptic, Linkwitz/Riley & Neville Thiele notched crossover.
  • FIR filter design:
    • Magnitude adjustment using (up to 8) common filter prototypes above, and with minimum, linear and maximum phase options
      • Keele/Horbach crossovers
      • Linear-phase brick-wall crossovers
    • Phase adjustment using minimum and maximum phase all-pass filters, including a unique 4th order all-pass parametric phase filter
    • Automatic magnitude correction with smoothing (1 band)
    • Automatic phase correction with smoothing (1 band)
  • Target responses:
    • User-defined parametric magnitude target with 2 slope segments,
    • Impulse response target from file (with options to use magnitude only or magnitude and phase), or
    • Both user-defined and file response combined
  • Import measurement resampling. (Measure at one sample rate and creator filters for any sample rate.)
  • Comprehensive range of impulse response file formats (TXT – magnitude/phase/coherence, TXT – samples, WAV, STO – SysTune Overlay, TRF – SMAART Trace, ETM – Easera measurement, and more)
  • Multiple export formats including miniDSP. See the processors and amplifiers for more details.
  • Moveable license: deactivate and reactivate on another computer.
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Target File with Non-flat Phase

Direct Design Mode