FIR Creator

Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and mixed FIR + IIR filtering solutions for loudspeakers.


Maximise the audio quality of an individual loudspeaker, device or entire system.


Create tunings & presets with specific phase & magnitude characteristics.


Perform system or room correction.

FIR Creator - single channel DSP filter design software
  • Intuitive, fast workflow from impulse response import through to FIR filter export
  • Continuous filter calculation and error display as parameters are updated
  • Two workflows
    • FIR filter design from a loudspeaker measurement
    • Direct FIR design, without a measurement
  • FIR only or mixed IIR & FIR design
  • FIR Filter sample rates: 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz
  • IIR filters (use up to 8 per project)
    • Bandpass, low and high shelf
    • Low-pass and high-pass Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, Elliptic, Linkwitz/Riley & Neville Thiele notched crossover.
    • IIR coefficient export: regular transfer function and MiniDSP formats.
  • FIR filter design:
    • Magnitude adjustment using (up to 8) common filter prototypes above, and with minimum, linear and maximum phase options
      • Keele/Horbach crossovers
      • Linear-phase brick-wall crossovers
    • Phase adjustment using (up to 8) minimum and maximum phase all-pass filters, including a unique 4th order all-pass parametric phase filter
    • Automatic magnitude correction with smoothing (1 band)
    • Automatic phase correction with smoothing (1 band)
  • Comprehensive range of measurement file formats accepted for import (TXT – magnitude/phase/coherence, TXT – samples, TXT – Klippel, WAV, STO – SysTune Overlay, TRF – Smaart® Trace, ETM – Easera measurement, SPK – Monkey Forest/FourAudio and more)
  • Import measurement resampling (measure at one sample rate and create filters for a different sample rate)
  • Target responses:
    • User-defined parametric magnitude target with 2 slope segments,
    • Impulse response target from file (with options to use magnitude only or magnitude and phase), or
    • Both user-defined and file response combined
  • FIR export formats: text (inc. CSV), Binary & WAV. See processors and amplifiers for more details
  • Moveable license: deactivate then reactivate on a new computer.
  • macOS and Windows versions. (Windows 10 & above. Or macOS 10.14 & above)