Smaart® Data Modeler

Eclipse Audio provides IIR filter & export functionality for Rational Acoustic’s ‘Smaart® Data Modeler’, introduced in May 2024 as an addition to the Smaart range of acoustic test and measurement software.

The partnership brings together Rational Acoustics’ market leadership and innovation in sound system alignment & optimization with Eclipse Audio’s expertise in DSP filtering solutions for loudspeakers.

Smaart® Data Modeler is a system alignment tool based on IIR filtering (no FIRs). It includes user-adjustable EQ & brand-specific IIR emulations, just like in Eclipse Audio’s FIR Creator EX, FIR Designer & FIR Designer M. It works with measurement data from Smaart® v7 & newer. Learn More

DSP settings developed in Smaart® Data Modeler can be exported to a PDF report, or to a ‘Loudspeaker Processing Interchange Format’ (LPIF) file for import into compatible devices & control software.

Smaart® Control

Eclipse Audio has also collaborated with Rational Acoustics to include ‘Smaart® Control’ in FIR Creator EX, FIR Designer & FIR Designer M, for live measurement streaming & capture directly from Smaart®. Learn More.