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Need help downloading or using the software?

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Reporting a bug?

Provide as much information as possible, including your product version number, platform (Windows/macOS), platform version number & relevant screenshots.
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We welcome queries about integrating other audio brands with FIR Designer (for example, branded IIR modes & direct-to-processor functionality).
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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access the demo downloads…

The Demo page includes an email submission box; you’ll need to enter a valid email address in order to access the demos.

When an email address is entered, a verification email is sent. Click the link in the verification email to be returned to the demo download page – all downloads on the page will now be accessible (& the email submission box will have disappeared).

If you don’t receive the verification email within five minutes, check your spam folder. If the email isn’t there, refresh the Demo page & re-enter your email address, taking care to ensure its 100% correct. If you still don’t receive the verification email, contact us.

If clicking the link (in the verification email) opens a Demo page where the email submission box is still present, it’s likely because the email address was entered when the page was open in a non-default browser or private (incognito) window. Instead of clicking the verification link, copy the link text & paste it into the exact browser window you were originally using OR open the Demo page in a regular (non-private) window on your default browser & re-enter your email address, so the verification link can return you to the correct page. If you’re still unable to access the demo page content, contact us.

What limitations does the demo software have?

There are no time limits on using our demo software, and it includes pre-loaded sample measurement &/or project files. Some features are excluded from the demos, namely:

– uploading measurements/projects (either manually or via  Smaart® Control)
– saving or exporting data, filters & projects (either manually or via DTP)
– Auto IIR (watch video)
– IIR reference editor (get info)
– auditionDSP audio player & processor (watch video)
Supplementary Responses

How do I install the software?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a license ID & a link to download the software via email.

On Windows, simply run the installer and follow the installer wizard.

On macOS, open the DMG file and drag-and-drop “FIR Designer” (or other product name) onto the “Applications” folder shortcut.

I need to re-install my software – where can I download it?

If the download link provided at purchase has expired or been lost, contact us for an updated link.

Note – the demo version cannot be activated with a license ID.

I get an error when trying to run Eclipse Audio software on macOS

If you see the dialog “FIR Designer” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”, here’s what you should do:

Click “ok” to close the “…can’t be opened…” dialog.
Open “System Preferences” “Security & Privacy.”
Unlock the security preferences by clicking the lock symbol next to “Click the lock to make changes.” (You will be prompted to enter your maxOS username and password.)
Under “Allow apps downloaded from:”, note which checkbox is set, then check “Anywhere.”
Click “Open Anyway.”
If FIR Designer opens, close it.
Under “Allow apps downloaded from:”, check the previous checkbox noted in 3.
Click the lock symbol to lock the security preferences.
Try running “FIR Designer” from the Applications folder. If the “…can’t be opened…” dialog appears again, close it, then go to “System Preferences” “Security & Privacy” and, once again, click “Open Anyway.”

From now on, FIR Designer will open without any warnings.

Can updates be installed over previous installs?

On Windows, you can either install an update over the existing install, or install to a unique directory. The installer wizard will prompt you to choose an install direction. If either install has been activated with a license key, both will work and both use the same “license.”

On macOS, if you drag-and-drop the newer “FIR Creator”, “FIR Creator EX” or “FIR Designer” onto the “Applications” folder, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to “replacing” the existing version. To keep multiple versions, before installing the update, rename the existing “FIR Creator”, “FIR Creator EX” or “FIR Designer” install that is in the “Applications” folder.

What are the purchase and licensing options?

FIR Creator, FIR Creator EX, FIR Designer & FIR Designer M are available as a single-user license only. Each license enables the user to install the application on ONE Mac or Windows device. It can be moved to a new Mac or Window device as needed, but multiple devices cannot simultaneously have the app activated using the same license ID and password. For example, if a business has three devices on which the app needs to be installed, three licenses must be purchased.

Businesses purchasing five or more subscription licenses can contact us for discounts. Special pricing may be available for educational customers purchasing multiple licenses; please contact us.

How does the license ID and activation work?

You will receive a license ID & password immediately upon payment.

An internet connection is required to activate FIR Creator or FIR Designer. In the “Help” menu, select “License,” enter the License ID and password, and press “Activate.”

Can I move a license from one computer to another?

Yes. To move a license to a new computer, ensure the licensed computer is connected to the internet. In the “Help” menu, select “License” and press “Deactivate.” Then on the second computer, activate as normal.

Moving licenses back and forth between multiple computers is not supported. (You won’t be able to re-install the software on a computer that the license was already activated then deactivated on.)

I can’t access my previous computer to deactivate the software. Now I’m unable to install it elsewhere… ?

We can deactive your software remotely so you can reinstall it on a new computer. Just contact us (& provide your license ID).

What about licensing and virtual machines?

Eclipse Audio software cannot be activated in a virtual machine (VM).

Is an internet connection required to use Eclipse Audio software?

No; all products are fully functional both online and offline once activated. (An internet connection is required for activation).


they need to be run while connected to the internet at least once every 30 days. If you’re using any of the apps offline and it’s more than 30 days since the last validation, the product will drop back to demo mode (ie. some functionality becomes disabled – including file saving), EVEN IF your subscription payment is current (in the case of a FIR Designer or FIR Designer M annual license).

To re-enable full functionality, restart the product while connected to the internet.

How do I renew my software subscription?

The annual subscription fee will be automatically changed to the same payment method you originally used. You will receive a notification in advance when the annual subscription payment is due. There is an opportunity to change the payment method or choose a different credit card prior to the charge occurring. If payment is not received, the software will drop back to demo mode (ie. project file saving & filter export will be disabled). Please note, not all Eclipse Audio software products require an annual subscription payment (some are available as a perpetual, one-time-payment license).

How can I upgrade or switch between Eclipse Audio software products?

It depends on what software you want to switch from or to. Get the info here.

I need help with using, activating or upgrading my FIR Designer 1 license.

FIR Designer 1 was discontinued in 2017. It was replaced with two differentiated products (‘FIR Designer v2’ and ‘FIR Creator’) and is no longer supported.

A FIR Designer 1 license cannot be used to activate FIR Designer 2 or later versions (the products were built on different licensing platforms).

A FIR Designer 1 license is not movable between devices but each license purchase included three activations. If the program has already been activated three times, the license key cannot be used again to activate the software on a new device.

As operating systems change over time, FIR Designer 1 will stop running properly (or at all). We’re unable to provide assistance to enable it’s continued operation.

Existing license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon which can be used once towards a purchase of any Eclipse Audio product. Contact us (providing your FIR Designer 1 license key) to request your $100 coupon. The coupons are product-specific, so please let us know which product you intend to purchase.

(Support requests for FIR Designer 1 will be referred to the above information).

What if I have a VAT ID?

Here’s a page from our payment gateway provider about VAT & VAT ID’s.

I need help with using the software

See our tutorials & videos or post on our Support Forums.

What’s the difference between Eclipse Audio’s tools & Rational Acoustics’ Smaart® Data Modeler?

Eclipse Audio has partnered with Rational Acoustics and provides IIR filter & export functionality for Smaart® Data Modeler.

Data Modeler is a system alignment tool based on IIR filtering (no FIRs). It includes user-adjustable EQ & brand-specific IIR emulations, just like in Eclipse Audio’s FIR Creator EX, FIR Designer & FIR Designer M. It works with measurement data from Smaart v7 & newer. Learn more.

Eclipse Audio’s tools include FIR+IIR filter design, and accept measurement data from any source. FIR Designer (single-channel) & FIR Designer M (multi-channel) include advanced IIR filter functionality like Auto IIR (for automatic EQ) & IIR filter conversion across DSP brands, as well as the auditionDSP media player & virtual processor, expanded response visualizations (wavelets, polar map etc) and more. See all Eclipse Audio product features here.

Eclipse Audio’s ‘Loudspeaker Processing Interchange Format’ (LPIF) is one of the file export options available in Smaart® Data Modeler for import into compatible devices & control software.

SMAART is a registered trademark of Rational Acoustics LLC, Connecticut, USA

What are FIR filters & why do I need them?

See the Guide to FIR Filtering

Can I load FIR filters into any amplifier or processor?

See a FIR Capable Products list