Loading FIR filters into Ashly amplifiers and processors

This page describes how to load FIR filters from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer and FIR Creator EX into Ashley amplifiers and processors.

In the Export tab, select the format “CSV file (column, decimal)” and press Save FIR.

Download and install Ashly Protea here.

  • Run Ashly Protea.
  • In the device menu, click Add Item and select a device. Includes (as at April 2019):
    • Fulcrum Acoustic -> TQP-48
    • nX amplifiers -> Networkable + DSP (nXp)
    • PEMA Amplifiers

  • Double-click on the device to open the device view. Click on DSP.

  • Right-click on one of the empty processing blocks, select Equalization and FIR Filter.

  • An empty FIR block appears and is in Bypass mode.

  • Click the FIR block to bring up the FIR filter loading dialog. Click Select FIR file and choose the FIR filter CSV file for FIR Designer.

  • Click the BP Bypass button to turn off bypass and enable the FIR filter.

  • Close the FIR Filter dialog.

  • Set IIR filters, gain and delay by adding other blocks to the signal flow.