Loading FIR filters & Loudspeaker Settings into Lake Processors

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LAKE PLM, PLM+ & D series amplifiers

Push a complete DSP preset directly from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer or FIR Creator EX via DTP to the LAKE FIR 3-way module. DTP works locally and over a network (both fixed and WiFi) with the FIR Designer LAKE Controller plugin; supplied in a ZIP file at purchase. The ZIP file contains instructions on setting up the plugin and the FIR 3-way module in the Lake Controller.

FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX. Use the multi-window functionality to open/create/view one project for each module output channel and one project for input IIR’s. Then in the DTP Lake dialog, select each project window in turn and push the settings to the Lake Controller. See the videos below.

FIR Designer M. Input IIR’s and output channel settings can be configured simultaneously. Then in the DTP Lake dialog push all settings to the Lake Controller.

More details on the LAKE FIR 3-way module:

  • FIR: 384 taps per output with an effective tap length of 8ms @ 48 kHz, 16ms @ 24 kHz and 32ms @ 12 kHz.
  • IIR: A total of 37 biquads (IIR), assignable across the input and outputs.
  • Channel samples rate combinations: 48/24/12 kHz or any combination of 24 kHz and/or 12 kHz.
  • If less than 3 outputs are required, simply mute unused outputs.
  • The module can load on PLM, PLM+ and D series amplifiers, and LM series processors.
  • The IIR and FIR settings are not visible in the Lake Controller. Settings can be verified by measuring the amplifier’s outputs, preferably into a dummy load.