We offer specialized software tools for loudspeaker optimisation, including FIR filter design software (“FIR Designer”, “FIR Creator” & “FIR Creator EX”) and measurement averaging (“Averager”).

All products are available for Windows or macOS, and a license of any product is moveable: it can be deactivated on one device & reactivated on another.

Download a free version of any product & use it for as long as you’d like. In demo mode, all features work except for project file saving, FIR filter export, average saving & direct-to-processor functionality.



USD $49 +tax (one-time payment)

Combine loudspeaker measurements into a single response, for use in any audio tool & for plotting. See Product Details or Release Notes.

FIR Creator

USD $249 +tax (one-time payment)

Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and mixed FIR + IIR filtering solutions for loudspeakers.

Load filters into any FIR capable speaker processor or amplifier. See Product Details or Release Notes


FIR Creator EX

USD $299 +tax (one-time payment)

Advanced Pro Export version of FIR Creator. Included Direct-to-Processor function (for some brands) & the addition of Summary Output Files in combination with FIR &/or IIR filter files

which can be used to build a complete loudspeaker preset (DSP signal chain). See Product Information or Release Notes

FIR Designer 2

USD $399 +tax (annual subscription)

Our flagship product. Full-featured FIR Design software that includes all the functionality of FIR Creator EX plus built-in Averaging, Second View, Continuous Wavelet Display & Coherence functionality. It provides unlimited IIR Filters, Magnitude Adjust filters, Phase Adjust Filters, Auto Magnitude Bands, Auto Phase Bands & Project Windows, and also offers additional sample rate options & user-defined target responses. FIR Designer is the focus of ongoing product development efforts & is regularly updated to ensure the latest advances in FIR filter design are always available to manufacturers, integrators & installers. See Product Information or Release Notes

Loudspeaker wavelet created using FIR Designer - shown in Continuous Wavelet Transform view window.




Not sure which FIR filter software to choose? See our FIR Filter Software Comparison Table.