We offer specialized software tools for loudspeaker optimisation, including FIR filter design software (“FIR Designer M”, “FIR Designer”, “FIR Creator” & “FIR Creator EX”) and measurement averaging (“Averager”).

All products are available for Windows or macOS, and a license of any product is moveable: it can be permanently deactivated on one device & reactivated on a new one.

Download a free version of any product & use it for as long as you’d like. In demo mode, all features work except for project file saving, FIR filter export, average saving & direct-to-processor functionality.


FIR Designer M

USD $399 +tax (annual subscription)

Our flagship product, FIR Designer M provides up to 6-way, simultaneous multi-channel filter design.Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and complete mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets for single and multi-way loudspeakers, using multi-way loudspeaker driver measurements. Simulate the combined multi-way frequency response and time/frequency (wavelet) behaviour.
FIR Designer M includes all the functionality of the (single channel) FIR Designer within a simultaneous multiple-channel development framework, and includes an integrated Help menu for enhanced ease of use. FIR Designer M is a focus of ongoing product development efforts & is regularly updated to ensure the latest advances in FIR filter design are always available to manufacturers, integrators & installers. See Product Information or Release Notes


FIR Designer

Two license options:

USD $299 +tax (annual subscription) or

USD $599 +tax (one-time payment)

Full-featured, individual-channel filter design software. Build complete FIR or mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets by combining filters created separately for each channel. FIR Designer includes all the functionality of FIR Creator EX plus built-in Averaging, Second View, Continuous Wavelet Display & Coherence functionality. It provides unlimited IIR Filters, Magnitude Adjust filters, Phase Adjust Filters, Auto Magnitude Bands, Auto Phase Bands & Project Windows, and also offers additional sample rate options & user-defined target responses. See Product Information or Release Notes

The $299 annual subscription license version of FIR Designer provides automatic access to the latest version of the software, which (along with FIR Designer M) is the focus of ongoing product development efforts.

The $599 one-time (perpetual) license version of FIR Designer can be used indefinitely with no additional payments, however its feature set is ‘frozen’ at purchase, with no access to any updates or new features for license holders. (Bug fix updates will be provided.)

Loudspeaker wavelet created using FIR Designer - shown in Continuous Wavelet Transform view window.



FIR Creator EX

USD $299 +tax (one-time payment)

Advanced Pro Export version of FIR Creator. Includes Direct-to-Processor function (for some brands) & the addition of Summary Output Files in combination with FIR &/or IIR filter files, which can be used to build a complete loudspeaker preset (DSP signal chain). See Product Information or Release Notes

FIR Creator

USD $249 +tax (one-time payment)

Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and mixed FIR + IIR filtering solutions for loudspeakers. Load filters into any FIR capable speaker processor or amplifier. See Product Details or Release Notes


USD $49 +tax (one-time payment)

Combine loudspeaker measurements into a single response, for use in any audio tool & for plotting. See Product Details or Release Notes.




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