Audio Filter Design Software

Since 2016, Eclipse Audio has been offering a range of software products for equalizing audio systems and creating custom finite impulse response (FIR) filters & complete mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets for single and multi-way loudspeakers.

All products share an intuitive workflow that uses imported loudspeaker measurements (from any measurement tool, such as Systune, Easera, Smaart, Klippel & more) as the starting point for filter design.

We offer macOS and Windows versions of all our products, and free demos.


Eclipse Audio is based in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Our founder, Michael John, developed the first product in the range –  FIR Designer – after 25+ years experience in loudspeaker and DSP development in both the USA & Australia. It started as a tool for personal use but quickly gained support from loudspeaker designers & installers.

With an increasing number of amplifier & processor brands adding user-accessible FIR functionality to their products, the software makes it easy for users to create their own FIR filters & load them into any FIR-supported product (see a list of FIR-capable brands). Additionally, many loudspeaker manufacturers now use Eclipse Audio software to create & apply proprietary built-in FIR filters in the products they sell.

The original FIR Designer has grown into a range of software options, to cater to the varying requirements of different user groups.

Eclipse Audio software - FIR Designer M - screenshot with multiple windows & plots
Eclipse Audio’s FIR Designer M (“Multi-way”) software

Ongoing Development

FIR filtering in DSP-driven loudspeakers provides incredible flexibility in loudspeaker design and tuning, and system integration. We’re committed to providing customers with the tools they need.

Creative problem-solving, customer responsiveness & cross-brand collaboration are crucial to the way we develop products.

Customer feedback informs decisions from product features to pricing. Our customers are often surprised by the speed of new feature development (frequently in response to their requests) and problem solving. As a small & flexible business, responsiveness is one of our strengths.

Collaboration with several leading audio brands continues to be a key part of Eclipse Audio’s development. We’ve worked with Lake Processing, Powersoft & Linea Research to include time-saving compatibility features; making it even easier for customers who use these brands to develop loudspeaker processing solutions.


We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if there is a specific brand you’d like us to support, or if you have feature requests.