We make powerful DSP design software

Since 2016, we’ve been offering a range of software products for equalizing audio systems and creating custom finite impulse response (FIR) filters & complete mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets for single and multi-way loudspeakers (or any DSP-based audio playback device).

The Eclipse Audio product range also includes two complementary tools available free of charge, for averaging measurements & measuring max SPL.


Our DSP tools are used by a range of audio professionals, including AV designers/integrators/technicians, system engineers, acoustic consultants, loudspeaker designers/manufacturers, embedded audio engineers, consumer device manufacturers, audio educators & more.

With an increasing number of amplifier & processor brands adding user-accessible FIR functionality to their products, the software makes it easy for users to create their own FIR filters & load them into any FIR-supported product (see a list of FIR-capable brands).

Additionally, many manufacturers of loudspeakers (& other DSP-based audio playback devices) now use Eclipse Audio software to create & apply proprietary built-in FIR filters in the products they sell.


FIR filtering in DSP-driven loudspeakers provides incredible flexibility in loudspeaker design & tuning, and system integration. By 2016, the advantages of these capabilities were evident and firmly established. However, the complex and time-consuming nature of FIR development posed a significant obstacle to the widespread adoption of FIRs for pro audio applications.

Our founder (Michael John) has amassed over 30 years experience in DSP development. Back in 2016 he was working on a loudspeaker side-project that required FIR filters. He built a tool for his own use that simplified & expedited the FIR-design process, tailored specifically for audio applications, using uploaded loudspeaker measurements. Sharing the tool with a handful of audio contacts generated unexpectedly strong interest …. people were excited to utilize it to create their own FIR filters and achieve audio outcomes not possible with IIR filters alone. It wasn’t long until FIR Designer 1 was released!

Nearly all of the earliest development and functionality improvements/additions were made in direct response to user feedback & suggestions. We’ve kept this approach over time, expanding the original FIR Designer into a range of software options, to cater to the varying requirements of different users.


Collaboration & integration with several leading audio brands is a key part of our development process & product functionality. (Here’s info for brands interested in integrating with us.)

We’ve worked closely with Rational Acoustics and provide IIR filter & export functionality for their ‘Smaart® Data Modeler‘. We’ve also built ‘Smaart® Control’ into FIR Creator EX, FIR Designer & FIR Designer M, for live measurement streaming & capture directly from Smaart.

We’ve liased with Labgruppen/Lake, Powersoft & Marani to implement Direct-To-Processor functionality, enabling custom DSP settings to be imported directly transferred into the control software for their amplifiers & processors.

An ever-growing number of audio brands have unique IIR emulations built into Eclipse Audio software as distinct filter modes, enabling identical IIR performance across different brands and conversion from one brand’s settings to another’s. This includes Blaze Audio, Biamp Tesira , BSSLabgruppen, LakeLinea ResearchMaraniPascal Audio, Powersoft, Q-SYS, RAM Audio, RMS-ACOUSTICS & Symetrix.

We’ve also developed the ‘Loudspeaker Processing Interchange Format’ (LPIF), a vendor-independent method for documenting and transferring loudspeaker processing data, suitable for both file and network transfer. All Eclipse Audio software supports LPIF (JSON) file export, as does Rational Acoustic’s Smaart® Data Modeler, Labgruppen’s IPX series and a number of other brands & products.

Eclipse Audio software - FIR Designer M - screenshot with multiple windows & plots
Eclipse Audio’s FIR Designer M (“Multi-way”) software