Loading FIR filters into Apex processors

This page describes how to load FIR filters from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer and FIR Creator EX into Apex processors.

In the Export tab, select the format “Text file (Column, decimal)” or “CSV file (Column, decimal)” and press Save FIR.

Download and install Apex Intelli-Ware from here.

  • Run Intelli-Ware.
  • In the File menu, add a device.

Apex Intelli-Ware screenshot 1

  • Click the X-Over icon.

Apex Intelli-Ware screenshot 2

  • In the FIR file box, click Load and select the FIR filter file.

  • The FIR filter magnitude and phase appear above the FIR file box and the filter is Enabled.
  • Output channel gains, delays and IIR filters can be set by clicking the Gain, Delay and PEQ icons, adjacent to the X-Over icon in the output box to the right of the Mix Matrix.