Audio FIR Filter Design Software

FIR filtering in DSP-driven loudspeakers provides incredible flexibility in loudspeaker design and tuning, and system integration. FIR Designer MFIR Designer, FIR Creator & FIR Creator EX are intuitive audio FIR filter design tools for building powerful FIR and mixed FIR & IIR processing solutions that leverage both the efficiency of IIR filtering and the arbitrary response capabilities of FIR filtering.

Combining multiple loudspeaker measurements – especially for spatial averaging – is valuable when doing any loudspeaker tuning or equalization, including the creation of FIR filters. Using Averager (or the built-in Averaging function within FIR Designer) can result in more accurate filter design and smoother overall system response.

Download a free version of any product & use for as long as you’d like. All features work except for project file saving, export and direct-to-processor functionality. Purchase a license to enable these features.


Filter Software Comparison Table

FIR Creator
Standard Option
FIR Creator EX
Standard Option
+ Pro Export
FIR Designer
Pro Option
FIR Designer M
Pro Option

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