Custom Loudspeaker Processing

Powerful DSP filter design software for audio professionals

Create custom FIR filters & complete mixed FIR+IIR presets for single & multi-way loudspeakers (or any DSP-based audio playback device).

Filter design involves complex computations. We do the math so you don’t have to. Just follow the workflow & use the controls to set the required parameters.

Load your audio measurements to get started. (Or use Direct Design mode to build FIR filters without measurements.)

Demo versions include pre-loaded measurements.

Filters & presets for EQ & so much more


Maximise the audio quality of an individual loudspeaker, device or entire system.


Match different makes & models of loudspeakers in install systems.


Create tunings & presets with specific phase & magnitude characteristics.


Perform system or room correction.

Limitless customization options

Single or multi-channel FIR or FIR+IIR design.

Real-time filter calculation & FIR error display.

Multiple FIR sample rates plus independent sample rates on input filtering & each output channel.

Automated, non-destructive resampling of imported measurements. (Measure at one sample rate and export filters at a different sample rate.)

Manual & auto FIR filter magnitude & phase adjustment, plus post-auto FIR EQ voicing.

Comprehensive range of IIR filter types & automatic IIR generation of parametric filters.

FIR filter resampling (change the sample rate of a FIR filter).

Integrated measurement averaging.

Brand emulations & integrations

Comprehensive range of different measurement file formats supported.

Smaart® Control for live measurement streaming & capture.

Branded IIR modes ensure IIR filter settings match the destination processor by automatically adjusting for brand-specific variations in IIR filter interpretation.

IIR Reference Editor with one-click filter conversion between processor brands.

Multiple FIR export formats for loading filters/presets into any product with user-accessible settings.

Direct-to-processor (DTP) functionality replaces manual export/load for some amps & processors.

Visualize & Audition Your Designs In Real-Time

Color-customizable plots with on-plot filter mouse control.

Continuous Wavelet Transform display for time/frequency impulse response analysis.

Polar plots for understanding on and off-axis behaviour of the custom preset with polar measurements.

Built-in auditionDSP audio player + processor. LISTEN to your projects and systems.

Use Cases

Our filter design tools are used by a range of audio professionals, including AV designers/integrators/technicians, system engineers, acoustic consultants, loudspeaker designers, embedded audio engineers, consumer device manufacturers, audio educators & more.

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