Design FIR Filters for Speaker Optimisation

FIR filtering in DSP-driven loudspeakers provides incredible flexibility in loudspeaker design and tuning, and system integration.

FIR Designer and FIR Creator are intuitive audio FIR filter design tools for building powerful FIR and mixed FIR & IIR processing solutions that leverage both the efficiency of IIR filtering and the arbitrary response capabilities of FIR filtering.

An annual software license of FIR Designer delivers extensive functionality, flexibility and compatibility. Ongoing development & regular updates ensure the latest advances in FIR filter design are always available to manufacturers, integrators & installers.

 FIR Creator is a pared-down alternative to FIR Designer for non-business users, offered as a one-time license. Its static feature set utilizes the same core functionality as FIR Designer for the creation & application of filters to loudspeakers. FIR Creator EX includes additional export options for pro audio products (already present in FIR Designer).

Download a free version of FIR Designer, FIR Creator or FIR Creator EX, & use it for as long as you’d like. All features work except for project file saving, filter coefficent export and direct-to-processor functionality. Purchase a license to enable these features.

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Own a FIR Designer 1 license? Get a discount to upgrade to FIR Designer 2 (more info here).

FIR Creator
$249 one-time payment
Excludes VAT/GST/Sales Tax
FIR Creator EX
$299 one-time payment
Excludes VAT/GST/Sales Tax
FIR Designer 2
$399 per year
Excludes VAT/GST/Sales Tax
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