Match IIR Responses Across Brands | New IIR Filter Reference Editor in FIR Designer update

FIR Designer’s new IIR filter reference mode and editor enable fast conversion of IIR settings from one brand to another and ensure IIR response matching when working with multiple brands of amplifiers & processors.

In the past it’s been difficult to use common, matched IIR DSP settings across multiple brands, as some standard IIR filters produce different results on various amplifier/processor brands (learn more). Brands also have different filter parameter limits.

Linea Research, Powersoft & “General” IIR Filter modes were introduced to our software earlier this year, providing accurate, built-in emulation of each brand’s unique IIR filter behavior. This latest release adds Q-SYS and Symetrix IIR filter modes, as well as introduces a completely new IIR reference mode & editor functionality.

It’s now possible to set any one of these brands as an IIR ‘reference’, and adjust any other brand’s IIR filters to match the reference response on a plot that updates in real time. Also, a measurement (in a supported file format) of an IIR response from a processor can be loaded into the Target tab, and any of the IIR filters modes (including the reference) can be set to match the target. These new features enable the creation of presets or tunings with identical IIR performance when used across different brands.

IIR filter parameters and raw coefficients can be exported to text files, & the parameters copied to the desired control software. This process is automated (via Direct-To-Processor functionality) for Powersoft & Lake Processing. (Note: the Lake FIR 3-way module can accept raw IIR filter coefficients generated by any of the IIR modes).

When using FIR Designer to convert IIR filters for brands not listed, we recommend trying all five modes within the FIR Designer IIR tab, & comparing the plots displayed with the IIR plots generated by your own control software to determine which mode produces the closest match. The General mode is the default option and offers IIR filter types common to all three modes as well as Chebyshev & Elliptic high-pass and low-pass filters and Neville Thiele notched crossovers.

In the future, we hope to add IIR modes for additional brands, streamlining the conversion process even further. (One-click conversion is the goal!)

The new IIR reference editor & mode is available in FIR Designer M 1.3 & FIR Designer 2.11, and is only accessible to software licensees. (It’s not available in demo versions of the software.) Check out the video to see how it works.

FIR Designer M 1.3 Release Notes

FIR Designer 2.11 Release Notes

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