New Demo Versions Don’t Need Imported Measurements

Brand new, user-friendly demos of all our DSP filter design software tools are now available for free download. Now you can try out any software in the FIR Designer range WITHOUT having to upload any measurements first. Skip the ‘Import’ tab & dive right into the workflow & customization options using the pre-loaded example project.

FIR Designer, FIR Creator & Creator EX demo versions all now include the same single-channel pre-loaded example project. In FIR Designer M, an entire multi-channel example system has been pre-loaded to enable experimentation across all channels.

Please note, the IIR Reference Editor , auditionDSP player+processor & other selected features (built into some of our tools) are only available within the licensed software versions (not the free demos).

For help choosing the right tool for your needs, check out the software feature comparison table.