NEW Automated IIR Filter Conversion Between Brands


One click automatic IIR conversion FIR Designer

Differences in IIR filter definitions continue to be a challenge when working with multiple brands of processors. The same Q or BW setting, for common IIR filter types, does not result in the same response across brands. Q or BW on one processor needs to be adjusted, often significantly, to match the response on another processor.

The IIR Reference Editor was added to FIR DesignerFIR Designer M in 2019, making it possible to convert & match IIR filter settings across brands with different Q or BW interpretations. The editor performed a quick and close conversion, with additional manual parameter adjustments usually required to complete the match. (This video demonstrates the original process.)

One click IIR conversion between brands


The latest update to the IIR Reference Editor eliminates the need for manual adjustments entirely by performing a precise, automated conversion from one brand to another in a single click.

When converting, FIR Designer automatically adjusts the BW or Q (and sometimes other parameters) to achieve an exact match, making it faster & easier to translate an IIR or mixed IIR+FIR preset from one brand of processor to another. The updates apply to parametric, LP and HP variable Q, all-pass, shelf and Bessel filters.

FIR Designer continues to expand the list of supported IIR filter modes and now includes Lake, Marani, Linea ResearchPowersoft, QSC Q-SYS, Symetrix & BSS.

The updated IIR reference editor is available in FIR Designer M 2.4 & FIR Designer 3.3, and is only accessible to software licensees. (It’s not available in free demo versions of the software.)

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