FIR Designer Feature Update

New FIR Designer Features June 2022


Here’s a few of the features added to FIR Designer in 2022 so far…

More brands & file formats supported
. FIR filter export for Xilica TXT files & REW magnitude/phase text file import are both now supported. Lake XP modules can now have 96 kHz output channels (in addition to 12, 24 and 48 kHz). Marani Pro Audio specific IIR filters have been added to the list of brand specific IIR filter modes.

Automatic IIR Conversions
. The IIR Reference Editor now automatically converts IIRs from one brand to another in a single click, eliminating the need for manual adjustments entirely. Supported brands include Lake, Marani, Linea ResearchPowersoft, QSC Q-SYS, Symetrix & BSS. Learn more.

Independent FIR sample rate export. The exported FIR filter sample rate can now be set independently of the workflow’s Design Sample rate. This allows the FIR filter to have a different sample rate to the IIR filtering and delay; ideal for processors that use one sample rate for the bulk of core processing, such as 96 kHz, but only accept FIR filters at a different sample, such as 48 kHz. Learn more.

Workflow speed improvements.
Both the Auto Mag and Auto Phase computation can now be optionally paused to reduce program update lag while working in the IIR, Mag Adjust and Phase Adjust tabs.

Copy & Paste between windows & programs
. Easily transfer filter table data across windows in FIR Designer and FIR Designer M, and also between products. Copy and paste buttons are available on the Target Mag and Phase, IIR, Mag Adjust, Phase Adjust and Voicing tabs and work between matching tabs (eg. Mag Adjust -> Mag Adjust).

Enhanced plot display customization. Both the IIR Filters tab and the IIR Reference Editor now have a BW/Q selector with each filter table list, enabling rapid switching between the BW & Q without having to change the setting in Preferences. In addition, on the Import tab time delay adjustment can now be viewed in mm, feet and inches.