Biamp Tesira IIR filter mode added to FIR Designer

Biamp in FIR Designer's IIR Reference Editor

FIR Designer & FIR Designer M have been newly updated to include a Biamp Tesira IIR filter mode that provides emulation of 48kHz IIR filter behaviour in the Tesira range of Biamp products and aids mixed IIR+FIR Tesira preset creation. IIR responses in the new Biamp Tesira IIR mode can be converted to/from Lake, Linea ResearchPowersoft, Q-SYS, Symetrix, BSS & Marani IIR modes using the IIR Reference Editor.

The IIR Reference Editor (in FIR Designer 3.4 & FIR Designer M 2.5) enables the automated conversion of IIR filters between brands in a single click. This ensures IIR response matching when working with different amplifiers & processors, and solves the problem of standard filter settings producing different results on various amplifier/processor brands (learn more). Check out this video tutorial of the IIR Reference Editor to see how it works. (Note, the video demonstrates the original non-automated conversion process which usually required manual parameter adjustments to complete the match; these manual adjustment have been replaced by one-click conversion in more recent versions of the FIR Designer software).

FIR Designer M Release Notes

FIR Designer Release Notes

*When using FIR Designer to convert IIR filters for brands not listed, we recommend trying all modes within the FIR Designer IIR tab, & comparing the plots displayed with the IIR plots generated by your own control software to determine which mode produces the closest match.