FIR Designer Now Includes Live SMAART® Control & Measurement Capture

FIR Designer’s new SMAART® Control feature enables loudspeaker measurements in Rational Acoustics’ SMAART software to be controlled by FIR Designer, captured in real-time & seamlessly integrated into the FIR Designer workflow for use in filter & preset creation. FIR Designer customers who use SMAART for loudspeaker measurements no longer need to manually export measurements to file & import the files into FIR Designer.

With SMAART open locally or on any networked computer, FIR Designer’s ‘SMAART Control’ dialog can live-stream any available SMAART Spectrum or Transfer Function measurement. SMAART’s signal generator on/off and measurement magnitude & phase banding or smoothing can all be controlled remotely. A snapshot of a measurement can be taken from SMAART’s live measurement stream and stored locally in a ‘grabbed’ measurement list. Then any selected measurement can be transferred with one-click to FIR Designer’s ‘Import’ tab for use in FIR Designer’s workflow.

The new integration will be of particular benefit in time-limited live sound applications, enabling fast measurement capture and creation of FIR filters for system optimization. (See a list of FIR-capable amplifiers & processors on the FIR-capable brands page).

SMAART Control is available in both the newly-released FIR Designer 2.12 and FIR Designer M 1.4.

FIR Designer is compatible with a wide range of loudspeaker measurement tools in addition to SMAART. See all supported import file formats.

Check out the video below to see how the new SMAART Control works, or download a free demo of FIR Designer to experiment with the new feature.

FIR Designer M 1.4 Release Notes

FIR Designer 2.12 Release Notes

SMAART is a registered trademark of Rational Acoustics LLC, Connecticut, USA.

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