FIR Designer Smaart® Update

Smaart V9 compatibility has been added to FIR Designer (v3.5) & FIR Designer M (v2.6) and works with Smaart Suite, Real-Time and Light Editions.

Load previously saved Smaart measurements & use them as the starting point for FIR filter & preset design, or use Smaart® Control from within FIR Designer to capture measurements in real-time directly from Smaart running locally or on the local network. Measurements capture in Smaart Control can then be sent via a single click to either the ‘Import’, ‘Target’ or ‘Averaging’ tabs.

In addition, the latest updates add automatic saving of all Smaart measurements sent to the ‘Averaging’ tab, when saving an averaging session. The measurements are saved to a new *.FDM file format & will be loaded when the averaging session file is loaded in the future.

Check out this video to see how Smaart Control works (using Smaart V8; same functionality for v9), or download a free demo of our software to experiment.

FIR Designer M Release Notes | FIR Designer Release Notes

recently used to tune a system using only IIR filters – no FIRs at all – at a newly-renovated church in Australia.