New Features Added to FIR Creator EX

Several of the new features recently added to FIR Designer & FIR Designer M have just been rolled into FIR Creator EX 1.7.0. Here’s a summary:

More brands supported for IIR emulation. New ‘Biamp Tesira‘ & ‘Marani‘ IIR filter modes have been added to the list of emulated brands, joining Lake, Linea ResearchPowersoft, QSC Q-SYS, Symetrix, & BSS). The Lake mode has also been revised to include Lake-specific filters only. (The original and broader ‘General (Lake)’ mode remains available as ‘Legacy’). (BTW, in FIR Creator EX, IIRs for a brand can be emulated but it’s only possible to convert an IIR from one brand to another in FIR Designer & FIR Designer M).

New ‘Generic’ IIR mode. This new default mode increases speed & accuracy when working with processors that don’t have their own branded IIR filter mode.  It includes bandpass filters, low and high shelf, low-pass and high-pass Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, Elliptic, Linkwitz/Riley & Neville Thiele notched crossovers. It also uses Robert Bristow-Johnson Q & BW definitions for many filters. Learn more.

New import & export file formats. ‘Smaart® Control‘ in FIR Creator EX now works with Smaart version 9. Also CLIO MLS impulse response TXT files can now be loaded. FIR filter export for Xilica TXT files REW magnitude/phase text file import are both now supported. See all supported import file formats.

Enhanced plot display customization. The IIR Filters tab now has a BW/Q selector with each filter table list, enabling rapid switching between the BW & Q without having to change the setting in Preferences.

Inverted FIR filters view. A ‘FIR polarity’ checkbox now replaces the ‘Invert FIR at save’ checkbox on the channel Export tab. View the FIR filter in alternate polarities before choosing which to use and save.

Sample rate warnings. These now appear when using a branded IIR mode with hardware that doesn’t support the current FIR Creator EX sample rate.

Speed improvements. Theres an approximate 7% speedup to the FFT that underlies most calculations.

Various user-interface updates and fixes.

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