FIR Designer 1.9

FIR Designer 1.9 is now available for download.  Key new features since v1.6:

  • Import and Target responses now have a manual offset setting, as an alternative to normalising to maximum. This is useful for maintaining consistent level when making FIR filters for drivers in a multi-way loudspeaker.
  • WAV file importing has been updated to trim any large pre-roll down to, at most, 1500 samples by looking for the peak in the impulse response.
  • Exporting now supports CSV (row) files. This works with Biamp Systems Tesira processors.
  • CSV (row) IR file import is also supported.

For a detailed list of updates since the 1.6 announcement, see Release Notes.

FIR Designer IIR Filters tab

FIR Designer 1.6

FIR Designer 1.6 is now available for download.

Exporting: This release includes the ability to export a filter without a license key, from Direct Design mode, and then import the filter in the regular workflow. This enables experimentation with crossovers in multi-way designs before purchasing a license. This FIR Designer Target file format includes the filter delay. When the file is loaded on the Target tab, this filter delay is used to correctly time-align the filter.

IIR Filters tab: FIR filters are very useful but they can’t do everything! High-pass and low-pass IIR filters, that might be needed inline with the FIR filter, can now be entered on the new IIR Filters tab. Uses include DC blocking or subwoofer high-pass filters that are too long to implement in FIR. Also included is a series capacitor calculator for calculating the equivalent 1st order high-pass filter for any series capacitor that will be installed inline with a high frequency driver.

Target tab: The “Target Design” and “Target File” responses can now be used together. On the Target tab, selecting “Design + File” will combine the magnitude spectrums of both. This is useful for specifying crossovers in a Target File (using FIR Designer in Direct Design mode) and using the Target Design to set the overall system response curve.

FIR Designer 1.5

FIR Designer 1.5 is now available for download and includes additional controls for target file importing.

FIR Designer 1.4

FIR Designer 1.4 now imports EASERA ETM measurement files (in addition to SysTune STO, SMAART txt and general txt formats). Plus the UI controls for IR plots have been updated to allow vertical zooming and a wider sample range.

FIR Designer 1.3

FIR Designer 1.3 adds an filter output gain and fixes a minor UI bug. It’s now available for download.

FIR Designer 1.2

FIR Designer 1.2 adds support for 96 kHz designs, and is now available for download.

FIR Designer 1.1

FIR Designer 1.1 is now available for download at FIR Designer. This is a maintenance release to fix an intermittent bug with Linear Phase magnitude filters.

FIR Designer 1.0

After many Alpha and Beta releases, FIR Designer 1.0 is now available! (Thanks very much to all the Beta testers.) Go to the FIR Designer page to download binaries for Mac and PC, and to purchase a license.

Changes since Beta 4:

  • New: SysTune overlay (STO) file import.
  • Update: UI tweaks.

FIR Designer Beta 4

FIR Designer Beta 4 is now available for download at FIR Designer.

Changes since Beta 3:

  • New: Target Tab. The target can be either the magnitude design (previously on the Auto Mag tab) or a response loaded from a file. If the target is a file, there is the option to use both the magnitude and phase as the target, or just the magnitude.
  • New: Auto Phase has a “use coherence” option when phase smoothing.
  • Update: Improved the accuracy of the algorithm used to resample the imported response and target response (from file) to the project sample rate (if their sample rates are different to the project sample rate).
  • Fix: Import response normalisation wasn’t working correctly when the project sample rate was changed.
  • Fix: The Auto Mag and Auto Phase green plots were incorrectly frequency shifted when the project sample rate was changed.
  • Fix: Some GUI parameters were missing from the project file.
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