FIR Designer & FIR Creator are FIR Filter designers

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FIR Designer, the intuitive FIR filter designer for loudspeakers, is evolving into TWO software tools – FIR Designer 2 and FIR Creator – to better meet the FIR filter design needs of manufacturers, installers, consultants & enthusiasts. Existing license-holders can keep using FIR Designer 1, although there will be no more feature updates (just bug fixes). We’re offering a USD $100 coupon to any existing FIR Designer 1 licensee who’d like to switch to FIR Designer 2.

Check out the table we’ve put together to compare products. FIR Creator is a pared-down option available for a one-off cost of USD $249 +tax. It will also be supported with bug fixes as needed. FIR Designer 2 is a fully-featured product offered as a USD $399+tax annual subscription. FIR Designer 2 provides extensive functionality, flexibility and compatibility. Ongoing development & regular updates will ensure the latest advances in FIR filter design are always available to businesses.

If you’d like to know more about our decision to evolve FIR Designer, click here.