FIR Designer & FIR Creator are FIR Filter designers

[2019 Update: Build a complete loudspeaker preset for multiple channels simultaneously with the new FIR Designer M].

FIR Designer, the intuitive FIR filter design tool for loudspeakers, is evolving into TWO software tools – FIR Designer 2 and FIR Creator – to better meet the FIR filter design needs of manufacturers, installers, consultants & enthusiasts. Existing license-holders can keep using FIR Designer 1, although there will be no more feature updates (just bug fixes). We’re offering a USD $100 coupon to any existing FIR Designer 1 licensee who’d like to switch to FIR Designer 2.

Check out the table we’ve put together to compare all FIR filter designer products. FIR Creator is a pared-down option available for a one-off cost of USD $249 +tax. It will also be supported with bug fixes as needed. FIR Designer 2 is a fully-featured product offered as a USD $399+tax annual subscription [2019 Update: Price for FIR Designer is now $299. FIR Designer M costs $399]. FIR Designer 2 provides extensive functionality, flexibility and compatibility. Ongoing development & regular updates will ensure the latest advances in FIR filter design are always available to businesses.


Portion of table showing alternative FIR filter designer software tools from Eclipse Audio