New Polar Map in FIR Designer M v4

In response to customer requests, the latest version of FIR Designer M includes a new polar ‘heatmap-style’ plot in the ‘Supplementary Responses’ window.

The Supplementary Responses window displays the behavior of custom filtering & presets when applied to additional sets of uploaded measurements; either for a single loudspeaker or for each loudspeaker driver in a multi-way system. (See supported measurement file formats).

In FIR Designer M version 4, the processed measurement sets can now be optionally viewed as a polar heatmap-stype plot, making evaluation of directional behaviour (including on and off-axis) much easier. Where measurement sets only include one off-axis direction (due to loudspeaker symmetry), the Polar Map plot can be mirrored at either the top or bottom. Other plot customizations include vertical flipping, setable angle limits and the option to view either the combined loudspeaker response, or each channel individually.

As before, the Supplementary Responses window has controls for preparing the measurements sets, including optional time-alignment, level adjustment and level normalization.

Viewing supplementary responses is only possible in the full version of FIR Designer M (not the demo version).

FIR Designer M heatmap plot

*Demo version doesn’t include the Supplementary Responses window