Supplementary Responses

The Supplementary Responses window in FIR Designer (& FIR Designer M) enables all main workflow processing – gain, polarity, delay, IIR, FIR – to be applied to a set of measurements and viewed.

The magnitude and phase responses of all measurements are displayed both overlayed and individually, and can also be displayed as a polar map.

The Supplementary Responses view is helpful in determining the effect of processing on measurements taken at different angles, relative to the loudspeaker’s main axis.

In FIR Designer M, measurements sets for each (multi-way) loudspeaker driver can be loaded. Multi-way channel processing is applied to each measurement in each set, and then combined to display multi-way response for the whole loudspeaker.

The Supplementary Responses view isn’t usable in the free demo versions of FIR Designer & FIR Designer M (because measurement loading is disabled), so watch the video below to see how it works.