FIR Designer adds new Pascal & Blaze IIR modes | Twelve brands now included

The latest 4.2 versions of FIR Designer & FIR Designer M include two new branded IIR modes – Pascal Audio & Blaze Audio. IIR filters can be exported to TXT file reports, and crossover and EQ settings can be copied into input and output channels in the Blaze Audio “PowerZone” and Pascal Audio “ZoneControl” web UI’s.

Brand-specific IIR modes ensure common IIR filters produce consistent results when used across various amplifier/processor brands, because there are differences in the way each brand’s software interprets some filter parameters, like Q and bandwidth (BW), and in the conversion between Q & BW. (Learn more about IIR brand emulation.)

IIR responses in the new modes can be automatically converted to/from RMS-ACOUSTICSLakeLinea ResearchPowersoft, Q-SYS, Symetrix, BSS,  Biamp Tesira, Marani, RAM Audio & generic IIR modes using the IIR Reference Editor. (The ‘Generic’ mode is the a starting point for use with processors that don’t have their own branded mode.) This ensures IIR response matching when working with different amplifiers & processors, and solves the problem of standard filter settings producing different results on various amplifier/processor brands.

Let us know what other processor brands you’d like to see included with a custom IIR mode in FIR Designer.
FIR Designer M Release Notes | FIR Designer Release Notes
Blaze and Pascal in IIR drop down menu