New RMS-ACOUSTICS Mode in FIR Designer

We’ve added an ‘RMS-ACOUSTICS‘ IIR filter mode to FIR Designer (v4.1) & FIR Designer M (v4.1). It enables ‘WAY EQ’ IIR filter export for import into RMS-CONTROL software & aids mixed IIR+FIR RMS-ACOUSTICS preset creation.

IIR responses in the new RMS-ACOUSTICS IIR mode can be converted to/from LakeLinea ResearchPowersoft, Q-SYS, Symetrix, BSS,  Biamp Tesira, Marani, RAM Audio & generic IIR modes using the IIR Reference Editor. (The ‘Generic’ mode is the a starting point for use with processors that don’t have their own branded mode.)

The IIR Reference Editor enables the automated conversion of IIR filters between brands in a single click. This ensures IIR response matching when working with different amplifiers & processors, and solves the problem of standard filter settings producing different results on various amplifier/processor brands.

Version 4.1 Project Compatability Notification

Let us know what other processor brands you’d like to see included with a custom IIR mode in FIR Designer.
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