Major FIR Designer v4 update adds ‘auditionDSP’

FIR Designer M v4 Update

We’re pleased to announce a major update to FIR Designer M. Version 4 includes the game-changing new auditionDSP tool, which along with several other new features, delivers significantly expanded functionality for development of custom filters & presets. Here’s a summary of what’s new for v4:

Listen to filters and presets with ‘auditionDSP – a brand new, built-in audio player + processor. It runs processing for up to three loudspeaker presets simultaneously in real-time, with live switching between presets. Use it to audition, develop & perfect custom loudspeaker filters and presets, without the need to export data to an external hardware processor first.

New Contour Plot. By popular demand! The Supplementary Responses window plots the behavior of custom filters & presets when applied to a new set of (uploaded) measurements. Now, the processed measurement sets can be optionally viewed as a contour plot, or heatmap, making it easier to identify various on and off-axis behaviour of the loudspeaker preset with polar measurements.

New Group delay display. View the time delay, through the processing, as a function of frequency. (Available within the Second View window.)

Project file consolidation. The system (fds) project file now contains everything. No more separate project files required for each audio channel! Fewer files means simplified project management.

Plot colors saved with the project file. When opening different projects, plot colours will default to any custom colours previously set for that specific project, and can be modified again at any time.

Upgraded macOS support . Separate, optimised binaries are now available for both Intel and newer ARM (M1, M2) based macs.

More brands supported for IIR emulation. A new ‘RAM Audio‘ IIR filter mode has been added to the list of emulated brands, joining Lake, Linea ResearchPowersoft, QSC Q-SYS, SymetrixBSS,  Biamp Tesira & Marani . (The ‘Generic’ mode remains available as a starting point for use with processors that don’t have their own branded mode.)

Significant speedup to underlying computations. Design custom filters & presets faster than ever!

+ Various user-interface updates and fixes.

RAM audio IIR mode
auditionDSP user interface

*Demo version doesn’t include auditionDSP or the IIR Reference Editor

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