New Marani IIR filter mode in FIR Designer M

Marani IIR filter mode


FIR Designer M version 2.2 now has a Marani IIR filter mode that provides emulation of IIR filter behaviour in Marani products and aids mixed IIR+FIR Marani preset creation. IIR responses in the new Marani IIR mode can be converted to/from Lake, Linea ResearchPowersoft, Q-SYS, Symetrix & BSS IIR modes using the ‘IIR Reference Editor.’

The ‘IIR Reference Editor,’ in FIR Designer and FIR Designer M, provides fast conversion of IIR settings between brands to ensure IIR response matching when working with different amplifiers & processors, and solves the problem of standard filter settings often producing different results on various amplifier/processor brands (learn more). Check out this video tutorial of the IIR Reference Editor to see how it works. (Note, the IIR Reference Editor is not enabled in demo versions of the software.)

We’ve also made available a brief tutorial showing how to load FIR filters – as TXT or CSV files – into Marani product control software. See Marani FIR Filters: How to load into Marani amplifier modules and processors

FIR Designer M Release Notes

(The Marani mode will soon be available in FIR Designer.)

*When using FIR Designer to convert IIR filters for brands not listed, we recommend trying all modes within the FIR Designer IIR tab, & comparing the plots displayed with the IIR plots generated by your own control software to determine which mode produces the closest match.