Loading FIR filters into Marani amplifier modules and processors

This page describes how to load FIR filters from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer, FIR Creator EX and FIR Creator into Marani products that support FIR filters. This example shows the Marani PDA281PAF amplifier module. The procedure for other Marani products is similar.

In the FIR Designer Export tab, select the format “Text file (Column, decimal)” or “CSV file (Column, decimal)” and press Save FIR.

Download and install the relevant Marani control software from here.

  • Run the Marani control software.
  • Double click on the Device List to open the control window for the amplifier module.

Marani PDA281PAF Control Window

  • Click on one of the HP/LP blocks to open the block settings window.

Marani PDA281PAF HP LP Block Settings Window

  • In the Select IIR/FIR group, click the IIR dropdown and select FIR.

Marani PDA281PAF HP LP Block Select Ext FIR

  • In the FIR Filter group, click Ext Custom.

Marani FIR Filter Window

  • Click Load and select the FIR filter file that was saved previously from FIR Designer. The window now shows the magnitude response of the FIR filter.

Marani FIR Filter Window Magnitude Response

  • Click Phase Deg/Hz to see the phase response. If the phase shows significant wrapping, check Remove FIR Latency.

Marani FIR Filter Window Phase Response

  • Click Store to save store the filter. The filter is now displayed in the HP LP block settings window.

Marani PDA281PAF HP LP Block Settings Window with FIR filter