New Linea Research & Powersoft IIR Filter Modes in FIR Designer

Subscription licensees can access the latest download on the “update available” dialog within FIR Designer or FIR Designer M.

Now available in FIR Designer 2.9 & FIR Designer M 1.1: Eclipse Audio has recently collaborated with Linea Research to offer a “Linea Research” IIR filter mode which provides accurate emulation of Linear Research filters, including the unique Hardman crossovers filters, when creating mixed IIR+FIR loudspeaker presets. FIR filters can be exported as SFI files and loaded into System Engineer, for use in Linear Research processors and amplifiers.

Also available is a “Powersoft” IIR filter mode whose Q parameter (for all-pass and peaking filters) now exactly matches Powersoft Armonia. Using the Powersoft Direct-To-Processor functionality, mixed IIR+FIR processing chains can be exported to XML and loaded into Armonia for use in Powersoft amplifiers.

Both the Linea Research and Powersoft IIR filter modes enforce parameter limits – gain, frequency, bandwidth & Q – specific to each brand.

In FIR Designer and FIR Designer M, all IIR filters from previous versions are grouped under a “General” IIR filter mode and include bandpass, low and high shelf, low-pass and high-pass Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, Elliptic, Linkwitz/Riley & Neville Thiele notched crossovers.

For all filter modes, IIR filter parameters and raw coefficients can be exported to text files.

When switching between IIR filter modes, FIR Designer and FIR Designer M make a best-effort automatic conversion of all filters, although some manual adjustment of bandwidth or Q may be necessary. Where filter types are unavailable, a similar filter type is chosen.

FIR Designer & FIR Designer M can export FIR filters in a variety of formats for loading into most FIR-capable products, including Lab Gruppen (LAKE), QSC, MiniDSP, Electro-Voice, Symetrix, Dynacord, BSS, DFM, Biamp & Apex.

Download a free demo (Windows or Mac) of either FIR Designer or FIR Designer M.

Please note, the FIR Designer 2.9 feature updates apply to all existing subscription licenses and any new perpetual licenses purchased. Existing perpetual license-holders – 2.8 and below – will receive a bug-fix update only. For more details see the FIR Designer Release Notes.

FIR Designer Release Notes    FIR Designer M Release notes

Labelled screenshot of FIR Designer - New Linea + Powersoft IIR Modes

Screenshot of FIR Designer - New Powersoft & Linear IIR Filter Modes