FIR Designer 3.0 Release | New Overview Video

FIR Designer version 3.0 is here! It includes a range of new features, making it faster & easier than ever before to develop custom FIR filters & FIR+IIR presets, as well as providing even closer integration with Smaart®.

To accompany the release we’ve developed a comprehensive new 18-minute video. The narrated video demonstrates how to use FIR Designer’s intuitive workflow to load a loudspeaker measurement and design a filter to change the measurement into a user-defined target response. In the example project used, we magnitude and phase-correct a passive 12-inch and horn two-way install loudspeaker.

Developed in response to user requests, the new video will shorten the learning curve for FIR Designer users as well as showcase the latest features in version 3.0, most of which are shared with the recent update of FIR Designer M 2.0, including:

  • A new “Supplementary Responses” window which displays the effect of processing on other measurements. This can be used to verify the effect of processing on polar or off-axis measurements.
  • Mouse control of filter parameters – frequency, bandwidth/Q and gain – as well as mouse control of frequency bands on the “Auto Mag” & “Auto Phase” tabs. When a filter in the table is highlighted, controls appear on the plot and can be adjusted with the mouse, providing a much faster alternative to the table data entry method.
  • “Loudspeaker Impedance” display option. Load and view the driver or loudspeaker impedance behind plots throughout the workflow. Set filtering with improved knowledge of the driver LF limit and port tuning, inferred from the impedance.
  • Target response export – for use as a target curve on Smaart RTA plots. A user request!
  • An “Invert” setting option on all Mag Adjust & Phase Adjust filter prototypes gives more flexibility when setting filters.
  • Customisable plot colours that are retained at program close
  • Support for 88.2 kHz and 176.4 kHz, and the addition of Keele/Horbach filters in the “FIR Mag Adjust” tab.

Both Windows (64 bit) & Mac are supported.

You can download a free demo of our software to experiment with the new features.

Existing licensees can access the latest download on the “update available” dialog within FIR Designer.

FIR Designer Release Notes

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