FIR Designer 2.6 now imports Monkey Forest SPK & Klipppel Impulse Response text files

Current licensees can access the latest download on the “update available” dialog within FIR Designer 2.

FIR Designer 2.6.0 is now available and includes new import options plus some user interface updates. Notable updates (since the last update post for v2.4):

  • Monkey Forest (FourAudio) SPK files and Klippel Impulse Responses can now be loaded. Steps to extract data from a Klippel Impulse Response plot can be found here.
  • When importing a measurement file on the Import or Target tab, when “Normalise magnitude to max” is set, the “Magnitude offset (dB)” field now displays the normalisation gain. This is useful starting point when setting the offset gain manually.
  • Time based plots now have an optional millisecond (ms) scale and right-click now enables zoom-to-maximum (in addition to the “Max” buttons).
  • The Target file now has a use “Phase only” option which helps with matching loudspeakers based just on phase.
  • All lists and filter prototype tables now have a “Reset” option to take them back to defaults.

See the Release Notes (for all versions) here.

Learn more about FIR Designer or download a free demo (Windows or Mac).

Existing FIR Designer 1 license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon towards the first-year purchase of FIR Designer 2.6; just contact us.

Klippel Impulse Response files and Four Audio's Monkey Forest SPK files supported in FIR Designer