New FIR Creator EX shares FIR Designer’s advanced export options

FIR Creator EX audio fir filter tool. Screenshot of Lake + Powersoft DTP export dialogsA new, standalone version of FIR Creator is now available: FIR Creator EX offers the same advanced export options found in FIR Designer, including the brand-new Direct-To-Processor functionality for integration with Lake & Powersoft amplifiers. It will be priced at a one-off cost of USD$299+tax (vs. FIR Creator @USD$249+tax). Unlike the mostly static feature set of FIR Creator, FIR Creator EX will be updated as necessary to incorporate any new DTP integrations developed between FIR Designer & other brands (ie. in addition to Lake & Powersoft). However, beyond updating DTP functionality, FIR Creator EX won’t receive updates (apart from essential bug fixes), as our development efforts continue to be focused on the subscription-based FIR Designer.

See the Product Comparison Table to compare features of FIR Creator, FIR Creator EX & FIR Designer

The specific additions to FIR Creator EX (vs. FIR Creator) are as follows:

  • Two additional FIR Filter sample rates: 12 and 24 kHz (FIR Creator has 44.1, 48 & 96 kHz)
  • Three additional Export formats: Powersoft, Linea Research & EV/Dynacord (FIR Creator has text [inc. CSV], Binary & WAV) 
  • Processor gain, polarity & delay settings (not available in FIR Creator)
  • Generate complete loudspeaker presets via the processor channel summary setting export option (not available in FIR Creator)
  • Direct-to-processor functionality (not available in FIR Creator):
    • To LAKE PLM, PLM+ & D series amplifiers. Requires the FIR Designer LAKE plugin and the LAKE FIR 3-way module, & works over a (fixed or wifi) network.
    • To Powersoft X, Ottocanali, Quattrocanali and DueCanali series amplifiers. Works via an XML file which can be loaded into the amplifier’s “Speaker EQ” or “Output EQ”.
    • Can optionally side-load pre-existing FIR filters (with sample-rate-conversion, if necessary) from other programs for transfer to LAKE &/or Powersoft (subject to their FIR tap limits).

Learn more about FIR Creator / FIR Creator EX or download a free demo (Windows or Mac).

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