Create Custom Loudspeaker Presets

[2019 Update: Build a complete loudspeaker preset for multiple channels simultaneously with the new FIR Designer M].

Use either FIR Designer or FIR Creator EX to create a complete loudspeaker preset, with the Gain/Polarity/Delay options now available in the filter creation workflow. On the ‘Export’ tab, save the gain, polarity, delay and IIR filters in a new Summary file, which – in combination with the FIR filter file – contain everything needed for a complete DSP channel signal chain. Use a single chain for filtering a full bandwidth loudspeaker, or create multiple DSP channel signal chains to make multi-way loudspeaker presets.

Creating a Loudspeaker Preset in FIR Designer

  1. […] Designer is ideal for creating complete single channel and multi-way loudspeaker presets (that include mixed IIR + FIR filtering). When creating a preset, both the workflow’s design […]