Lake FIR filter designer. Design & load with FIR Designer. Screenshot of FIRd DTP dialog.

Direct-To-Processor Function for LAKE FIR module

FIR Designer now integrates with LAKE PLM & D series amplifiers. Push a complete DSP signal chain directly from FIR Designer to the LAKE FIR 3-way module via our new DTP (Direct-To-Processor) functionality. Watch the video here. Pre-existing FIR filters (from sources other than FIR Designer) can also be pushed – with or without resampling – in combination with FIR Designer’s IIRs, gain, delay and polarity settings.

Edit November 2019: The Lake FIR 3-way module now works with LM series processors using Lake Controller 6.8.4 and higher.

DTP works locally – over either a fixed network or WiFi – with a new LAKE Controller plugin (supplied in the FIR Designer 2.3.0 Windows installer). Data transfer takes only a few clicks.

We’re hoping to provide direct integration with other amp/processor brands in the near future. In the meantime, FIR Designer can export data in a variety of formats for subsequent upload into most FIR-capable products.

We’d love your feedback: Which amplifier brands would you most like to see facilitating direct-to-processor FIR Filters/DSP chains from FIR Designer? Tell us here.

For more details on v2.3, see theĀ Release Notes.

Learn more about FIR Designer or download a free demo (Windows or Mac).

Existing FIR Designer 1 license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon towards the first-year purchase of FIR Designer 2; just contact us.