FIR Creator EX Adds SMAART® Control + New IIR Modes

FIR Creator EX integration with Smaart, Q-Sys and Symetrix

FIR Creator EX 1.4 includes SMAART® Control and two additional IIR filter modes (Q-SYS and Symetrix). Until now, this functionality was only available in FIR Designer and FIR Designer M.

SMAART Control enables loudspeaker measurements in Rational Acoustics’ SMAART software to be controlled by FIR Creator EX, captured in real-time & seamlessly integrated into the FIR Creator EX workflow for use in filter & preset creation.

The new integration will be of particular benefit in time-limited live sound applications, enabling fast measurement capture and creation of FIR filters for system optimization. (See a list of FIR-capable amplifiers & processors on the FIR-capable brands page). Learn more about SMAART Control or check out the video to see how it works in FIR Designer (functions identically to FIR Creator EX).

The inclusion of IIR filter modes for Q-SYS and Symetrix provide accurate, built-in emulation of each of these brand’s unique IIR filter behaviors. The addition of these two modes mean users now have five emulated IIR modes to choose from. (Linea Research, Powersoft & “General” IIR Filter modes are already available in FIR Creator EX).

IIR filter parameters and raw coefficients can be exported to text files, & the parameters copied to the desired control software. This process is automated (via Direct-To-Processor functionality) for Powersoft & Lake Processing. (Note: the Lake FIR 3-way module can accept raw IIR filter coefficients generated by any of the IIR modes).

When using IIR filters in FIR Creator EX for brands not listed, we recommend trying all five modes within the IIR tab, & comparing the plots displayed with the IIR plots generated by your own control software to determine which mode produces the closest match. The “General” mode is the default option and offers IIR filter types common to all three modes as well as Chebyshev & Elliptic high-pass and low-pass filters and Neville Thiele notched crossovers.

Download a free demo of FIR Creator EX to experiment with the SMAART Control and the new IIR filter modes.

FIR Creator EX 1.4 Release Notes

SMAART is a registered trademark of Rational Acoustics LLC, Connecticut, USA.