Introducing FIR Designer M (Multi-way)

Build a complete loudspeaker preset for multiple channels simultaneously with FIR Designer M. It utilizes the same easy-to-follow workflow of FIR Designer but provides up to 6-way, simultaneous multi-channel filter design. Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and complete mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets for single and multi-way loudspeakers, using multi-way loudspeaker driver measurements. Simulate the combined multi-way frequency response and time/frequency (wavelet) behaviour.

FIR Designer M also includes a new integrated Help menu to further enhance the software’s usability.

Learn more about FIR Designer M or download a free demo (Windows or Mac).

To coincide with the launch of FIR Designer M, the pricing of (single channel) FIR Designer is changing. Learn more.


Existing FIR Designer 1 license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon towards the first-year purchase of FIR Designer M. Existing FIR Designer 2 license-holders are eligible to convert their license to a FIRd M license at no additional cost (just contact us to set it up).