New FIR Designer Pricing

To coincide with the launch of our new flagship product – FIR Designer M (a multi-channel version of FIR Designer) – the pricing options for the existing (single-channel) FIR Designer have been restructured.

A subscription license of FIR Designer now costs $299 (was $399) AND there is an alternative option to purchase a perpetual (non-updateable) license of FIR Designer for a $599 one-off cost.


subscription license of FIR Designer requires an annual recurring payment to stay active. The feature set will expand over time, as license holders receive ongoing free updates to the latest version, including all new features & improvements. Our development efforts will continue to be focused on regularly updating FIR Designer to expand & improve functionality for annual license holders. Tech support is available & feature requests welcome.

A perpetual license of FIR Designer is a one-time purchase. The software can be used indefinitely with no additional payments, however the feature set will be ‘frozen’ at the time of purchase, with no access to any updates or new features for license holders. To upgrade to a newer FIR Designer version in the future, a new license would need to be purchased. Tech support is provided for bug reports only (critical bug fixes supplied if required).

The SUBSCRIPTION and PERPETUAL versions of FIR Designer are identical at the time of purchase, but will differ over time.

Already Own a FIR Designer 2 License?

Existing FIR Designer 2 license-holders will have their annual license payment automatically dropped to $299 per year when it is next due; alternatively license-holders can continue to pay $399 per year at the next-scheduled due date, but immediately upgrade to a FIR Designer M license. (Contact us to make the change to FIR Designer M).

Already Own A FIR Designer 1 License?

FIR Designer 1 was discontinued November 2017. Existing license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon which can be used once towards a purchase of FIR Creator, FIR Designer (subscription/annual OR one-time license) or FIR Designer M. Contact us (providing your license key) to request a $100 coupon.