FIR vs IIR filters - benefits of FIR when shaping loudspeaker phase - Demonstrated with FIR Designer screenshot

Shaping Loudspeaker Phase: FIR vs IIR Filters

FIR filtering offers advantages over traditional IIR all-pass filters when flattening the phase of a loudspeaker or shaping the phase to match others in an installation. IIR filters have a negative phase gradient & only provide time delay with increasing frequency. However, FIR filtering can implement phase responses with both positive & negative gradients, providing arbitrary phase/time shaping of a loudspeaker response.

FIR Designer offers traditional 1st & 2nd order minimum-phase all-pass filter prototypes, plus maximum-phase (inverted phase) versions & a unique 4th order parametric phase filter with a range of ±90 degrees, adjustable BW & frequency. An unlimited number of prototypes can be used to create the combined FIR filter phase response.

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