FIR Designer IIR Filters tab

FIR Designer 1.6

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FIR Designer 1.6 is now available for download. See the page FIR Designer.

Exporting: This release includes the ability to export a filter without a license key, from Direct Design mode, and then import the filter in the regular workflow. This enables experimentation with crossovers in multi-way designs before purchasing a license. This FIR Designer Target file format includes the filter delay. When the file is loaded on the Target tab, this filter delay is used to correctly time-align the filter.

IIR Filters tab: FIR filters are very useful but they can’t do everything! High-pass and low-pass IIR filters, that might be needed inline with the FIR filter, can now be entered on the new IIR Filters tab. Uses include DC blocking or subwoofer high-pass filters that are too long to implement in FIR. Also included is a series capacitor calculator for calculating the equivalent 1st order high-pass filter for any series capacitor that will be installed inline with a high frequency driver.

Target tab: The “Target Design” and “Target File” responses can now be used together. On the Target tab, selecting “Design + File” will combine the magnitude spectrums of both. This is useful for specifying crossovers in a Target File (using FIR Designer in Direct Design mode) and using the Target Design to set the overall system response curve.