FIR Designer Beta 4

FIR Designer Beta 4 is now available for download at FIR Designer.

Changes since Beta 3:

  • New: Target Tab. The target can be either the magnitude design (previously on the Auto Mag tab) or a response loaded from a file. If the target is a file, there is the option to use both the magnitude and phase as the target, or just the magnitude.
  • New: Auto Phase has a “use coherence” option when phase smoothing.
  • Update: Improved the accuracy of the algorithm used to resample the imported response and target response (from file) to the project sample rate (if their sample rates are different to the project sample rate).
  • Fix: Import response normalisation wasn’t working correctly when the project sample rate was changed.
  • Fix: The Auto Mag and Auto Phase green plots were incorrectly frequency shifted when the project sample rate was changed.
  • Fix: Some GUI parameters were missing from the project file.