Loading FIR filters into XTA processors & amplifiers

This page describes how to load FIR filters from FIR Designer M, FIR Designer and FIR Creator EX into XTA amplifiers and processors.

Updated: 21 December 2019


Presets for XTA DPA, XTA APA & MC2 Delta Amplifiers

FIR filters must be loaded into a preset. To first make a preset, contact XTA for a copy of Library Manager 5.x (Amped Edition) and install on Microsoft Windows.

  • Run Library Manager 5.x (Amped Edition).
  • Right-click on XTA-Mc2 APA / Delta File and click New Preset.

XTA Library Manager 5 - New Preset

  • The preset window appears.
  • Edit names and channel names as required.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Edit Preset setup

XTA Library Manager 5 - Preset names

  • Press OK then double-click the preset name to re-open the preset window.
  • Click one one of the output tabs; for example HF.
  • Click on FIR Design.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Output tab

  • The XTA FIR Designer window appears.
  • Under Design Mode, select Imported Coefficients.
  • Press Import Coefficients to select the (Eclipse Audio) FIR Designer FIR filter file.

XTA Library Manager 5 - FIR Window

  • A sample rate dialog appears.
  • Press whichever sample rate matches the sample rate of the FIR filter from FIR Designer; either 96kHz or 48kHz.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Select FIR sample rate

  • The FIR filer response is plotted.
  • Press Store FIR.

XTA Library Manager 5 - FIR Response

  • The FIR plot changes colour.
  • Click Done.
  • To lock the FIR filter, if necessary, click FIR Unlocked.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Lock FIR

  • Click OK.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Close preset window

  • To save the preset to a file, right-click¬†XTA-Mc2 APA / Delta File and click either of the Build AudioCore Preset File.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Save Preset

  • The following window appears.
  • Edit text fields as necessary and press Create.

XTA Library Manager 5 - Save Preset