SMAART® Control | New Measurement Usage Options

SMAART® Control, recently introduced in FIR Designer, FIR Designer M & FIR Creator EX, enabled loudspeaker measurements to be captured in real-time for use as the starting point in FIR filter & preset design. This functionality has just been expanded … Read More

FIR Creator EX Adds SMAART® Control + New IIR Modes

FIR Creator EX 1.4 includes SMAART® Control and two additional IIR filter modes (Q-SYS and Symetrix). Until now, this functionality was only available in FIR Designer and FIR Designer M. SMAART Control enables loudspeaker measurements in Rational Acoustics’ SMAART software to … Read More

FIR Filter Guide in Live Sound International Magazine

Our ‘Audio FIR Filtering’ guide features as the ‘Tech Topic’ in the November issue of ‘Live Sound International’ magazine. A huge thanks to the folks at LSI for their support. The guide has been split in two with the second … Read More

Short Learning Curve for FIR Designer M Users

Our most full-featured & complex product – FIR Designer M – is now also the easiest in our FIR Filter product range to learn to use, thanks to its integrated Help. Since the launch of FIR Designer in 2016, our … Read More

IIR Filters: Emulation Accuracy Across Brands

Some IIR filters may produce different results when used in various amplifier/processor brands. Common causes are differences in the way each brand’s software interprets some filter parameters, like Q and bandwidth (BW), and in the conversion between Q & BW. … Read More

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