Short Learning Curve for FIR Designer M Users

Our most full-featured & complex product – FIR Designer M – is now also the easiest in our FIR Filter product range to learn to use, thanks to its integrated Help. Since the launch of FIR Designer in 2016, our … Read More

IIR Filters: Emulation Accuracy Across Brands

Some IIR filters may produce different results when used in various amplifier/processor brands. Common causes are differences in the way each brand’s software interprets some filter parameters, like Q and bandwidth (BW), and in the conversion between Q & BW. … Read More

New FIR Designer Pricing

To coincide with the launch of our new flagship product – FIR Designer M (a multi-channel version of FIR Designer) – the pricing options for the existing (single-channel) FIR Designer have been restructured. A subscription license of FIR Designer now … Read More

Introducing FIR Designer M (Multi-way)

Build a complete loudspeaker preset for multiple channels simultaneously with FIR Designer M. It utilizes the same easy-to-follow workflow of FIR Designer but provides up to 6-way, simultaneous multi-channel filter design. Create finite impulse response (FIR) filters and complete mixed … Read More

Introducing Averager – New Loudspeaker Measurement Averaging Tool

By popular demand, we’ve developed a stand-alone application for averaging multiple loudspeaker measurements into one measurement, which can then be used in other audio tools, plotting tools & in FIR Designer’s ‘Import’ tab. Averager accepts loudspeaker measurements from any tool, … Read More

Side Load Pre-Existing FIR Filters to Loudspeakers

Pre-existing FIR filters – from sources other than FIR Designer/Creator – can be loaded (with or without resampling) in FIR Designer & FIR Creator EX. The filters can then be pushed – in combination with FIR Designer’s IIRs, gain, delay … Read More

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