Version 2.2.0 (1 February 2018)

  • New: Gain/Polarity/Delay tab that (as with the IIR Filters tab) simulates the effects of these settings in the target processor/amplifier.
  • New: Summary output text file that lists all settings to be applied to the target processor/amplifier.
  • Fix: Loading a project file that contained a target response with coherence could result in the program crashing.
  • Fix: When loading an older project file, the file version wasn’t displaying correctly on the warning dialog.
  • Various user-interface updates and fixes.

Project File Format Version: 18

FIR_Designer_2_2_0.dmg FIR_Designer_2_2_0_Setup.exe

Version 2.1.2 (17 December 2017)

  • Update: SMAART trace (TRF) files with a specific FFT size can now be loaded. Previously only MTW files were loading.

Project File Format Version: 17

FIR_Designer_2_1_2.dmg FIR_Designer_2_1_2_Setup.exe

Version 2.1.1 (5 December 2017)

  • Fix: Fixed crash when opening some STO files.
  • Fix: Averaging tab plots were not changing when the Preferences: “Plot Frequency Axis” setting was changed.

Project File Format Version: 17

FIR_Designer_2_1_1.dmg FIR_Designer_2_1_1_Setup.exe