We’re Making Some Changes

FIR Designer 1 was replaced by FIR Designer 2 & FIR Creator on November 5th 2017.

Existing license-holders can keep using FIR Designer 1. It won’t have any feature updates, only critical bug fixes.

You can continue to use FIR Designer 1 OR contact us (provide your license key) to get a USD $100 credit towards the 1st-year cost of FIR Designer 2 (until 30th June, 2018).

1st November 2017 Announcement:


FIR Designer has evolved well beyond the initial tool created in 2016 for personal use & made available to other interested professionals. It’s become the go-to FIR filtering design tool for many consultants, manufacturers & installers. Frequent updates & new feature releases have resulted in a sophisticated application which – users tell us – offers functionality and workflow well exceeding expectations for the price.
FIR Designer is playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality of commercial & installed loudspeakers. As its scope & use has significantly increased, and continues to do so, so has the development time, effort & support it demands – well beyond what a single engineer can keep up with in his spare time! To maintain the current pace of development & continued support of FIR Designer, the existing one-size-fits-all tool will be replaced with two distinct tools at varying prices (available from November 5th)
We look forward to evolving FIR Designer to support the varying needs of ALL our customers. Your comments and suggestions about desirable features and usability improvements continue to be most welcome!