FIR Designer 2.2 – New Gain, Polarity & Delay Functions

FIR Designer 2.2 – New Gain, Polarity & Delay Functions

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Today’s release of FIR Designer v2.2 includes the addition of a new¬†Gain/Polarity/Delay tab and Summary output file. It provides everything needed for a complete loudspeaker DSP channel signal chain.

The new features are simple to use: after measurement import, use the new tab to set parameters for gain, polarity & domain. Then proceed through the workflow as normal to set IIR filters & create the FIR filter. At the ‘export’ stage, choose the new ‘Save FIR + Summary’ button to create TWO files – the (usual) FIR filter file PLUS a new summary text file. Take a look at this video to see how it works.

To see all updates for v2.1, see the Release Notes

Learn more about FIR Designer or download a free demo (Windows or Mac).

Existing FIR Designer 1 license-holders are eligible for a USD $100 coupon towards the first-year purchase of FIR Designer 2.2; just contact us.